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This Links provide reliable, free online access to millions of English definitions, synonyms, spelling, audio pronunciations, example sentences, and translations etc,..

 Oxford  Dictionary

 Cambridge Dictionary Online

  Longman Dictionary

  Merriam-Webster  Dictionary

  English to Telugu Dictionary

  English to Telugu Dictionary

  Dictionary of economics

  Acronym Finder

The Acronym Finder is a searchable database of more than abbreviations and acronyms about computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military.


Online Encyclopedias

 The Free  online Encyclop

 Telugu Encyclopedia


Online  Indian Reference Sources

 Bureau Of Indian Standards

 Digital Library India

  5 Year Plans                                                                                                                                                  

 official website Directory of the Indian Government   

The Indian Academy of Sciences


Current Information

India News Sources

 India News papers  Online

 World News Papers Online

 Google News

The Human Development Reports


Biographical Information

 Biographies of Great Indians

 Astronauts Biographies

 Find Articles


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 Maps from Imperial Gazetteer of India

 Maps of India .com

 World Atlas

 Population Reference Bureau

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  Subject gate Way

 Find the Best Websites for Study and Research

 Thesis and Dissertations


Organic Chemistry Resources world wide

 Biotechnology virtual Labs

Chemical science  virtual Labs

 NISCAIR online journals  responsibility



Civil Services UPSC Portal

Open access journals

employment Updates




Directory of Open Access Journals

Taylor & Francis

Computational Linguistics (MIT)26 (2000) TO Current

Sankhya(Indian Statistical Institute)1993 to Current full Text & special Issues 2005 onwards

Articles by Nobel Prize Laureates -2012

Public Library of Science:

Medknow Publications publishing on behalf of learned societies and associations.

Indian Council of Medical Research

ADB Review 31 (1997) Onwards

Andhra Pradesh Monthly

International Journal of Educational Sciences

International Journal of Human Genetics

Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Journal of Biodiversity

Journal of Communication

Journal of Economics

Journal of History and Archaeology

Journal of Human Biology

Journal of Human Ecology

Journal of Intelligence and Security Issues

Journal of Life Sciences

Journal of Psychology

Journal of Social Sciences

Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology

Mathematics Seminar

Studies on Ethno-Medicine

Studies on Home and Community Science

Studies of Tribes and Tribals

The Anthropologist

The Journal of Biology

The Journal of Genetics

Academic Journals (Science, Art, Education, Legal)

Advances in production Engineering and Management

AERA (Education)

AgEcon (Agriculture and Applied Economics)

AGRICOLA (Agriculture)


arXiv (Physics, Math, Computer Science, Biology)

ASCE (Civil Engineering)

Bioline International (Health and Medicine)

BioMedCentral (Biomedical, Medicine,Biology &Biotechnology)

Chemistry Central (Chemistry)


DBLP (Comp.Sc. Bibliography)

DIRLINE (Health Information)

DOAJ (Dirctory of Open access Journal) Multi-disciplinary

Educational Technology & Society

Electronic Journal Library

ERIC (Education Resources Information Centre)

Free Medical Journals

HighWire (Life sciences, medicine, physical and social sciences.)

Index Translation (Literature in translation)

Ingentaconnect (Multi-disciplinary)

Journal of Digital Information

MedlinePlus (Medical science) (Multi-disciplinary)

Open J-Gate

PubMed (Medical Science)

SPIE (Optics and Photonics)

Strategian (Multi disciplinary)

The Collection of Computer science Bibliography



 Computer science related eBooks

PDF eBooks archive

Read German Minds 24×7 (Goethe Institut eLibrary)

Directory of Open Access Books

Digital Library of India

Catalogue of world libraries

Open Source Books

Google Books Search

World Public Library

Alex Catalogue of Electronic texts (American and  English literature)


Book Glod Mine



DLIST (Science and Technology)



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